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Ruth Duston OBE, OC

As Founder of Primera Corporation, CEO of London Heritage Quarter and as Chair of Passage Trading Services, I pledge to continue to provide support to organisations working in London to end rough sleeping.

Matt - Landlord

While I continue to rent my one bedroom flat, I pledge to rent it out to someone who has experienced homelessness and at below market rental prices.

Shell, from Borough

My pledge is to do better at saying hello to anyone I see that’s homeless. I already try and do it, but I know I sometimes just rush past with my head down. If I’ve got time, I’ll offer a coffee.

Ben - Rapid Response Team Volunteer

My pledge is to keep on volunteering with the Rapid Response team. I go out on an outreach shift with them every month with one of the experienced workers. We go out by car to look for those people sleeping rough who the team have been alerted to through StreetLink. We don’t always find them, but when we do and we’re able to take them to a safe, warm place, I go home feeling happy that I made the effort.

Aidan, from Sutton

I have been hosting destitute homeless migrants in my home since 2016, I will continue to offer a room for people who have no access to accommodation because of their immigration status. Hosting has given me much greater cultural awareness and the opportunity in some cases to understand the motivation behind the huge journeys that people undertake.

Sean, Landlord

My pledge is to continue to offer my properties to people who are homeless by working in partnership with the charity HOPE worldwide.

David Hoskins, Charity Director, Waltham Forest

At Forest Churches Emergency Shelter we have been offering winter night shelter and drop in services since 2009. Our pledge for 2023/4 is to offer emergency places to sleep for 50-60 guests and to provide drop-in services for 160-180 people.

Sarah W

I have requested an application form for a Rapid Response volunteer position. In the meantime, I pledge to meet every person with kindness and compassion

Holly - Changing Lives

We at Changing Lives pledge to continue to work with and offer accommodation to some of the most vulnerable rough sleepers in and around Westminster.

Jayni - Unseen Tours

At Unseen Tours, we pledge to continue training people with lived experience of homelessness to curate tours of London in which they can share their own lived experience with locals and visitors alike, to provide a unique perspective of the city, and increase understanding of homelessness as a result.


I am going to research homelessness services in my local area of Richmond and make a Christmas donation this year.